About Ward 9

Ward 9 is located in the northwest corner of the City of Mississauga. The boundaries are: Erin Mills Parkway on the east, along Eglinton Avenue on the south, north on Winston Churchill to Britannia, west on Britannia to Tenth Line, north on Tenth Line to the CP tracks, then west to Ninth Line and north to the city boundary (Hwy.401 and the Hydro corridor). It consists of the communities of Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills.

The present population is approximately 64,800.

The ward has a mixture of residential and business, with most of the employment located in the Meadowvale Business Park in the north end of the ward.

Ward 9 residents have access to various recreational facilities and programs. These include the Meadowvale Community Centre. Erin Meadows Community Centre, Meadowvale Library, Erin Meadows Library and Meadowvale Four Rinks. There are numerous trails for cycling and walking throughout Ward 9 with the main ones being Aquitaine, Wabukayne and Millgrove Trail.

The Role of a Councillor

Your voice in the municipal government

The City of Mississauga is governed by a City Council made up of the Mayor, who is the head of Council and 11 Councillors. Council members are elected every four years by the citizens of Mississauga.
For the purpose of governance, the City is divided into 11 wards, and each Councillor serves a ward. The City of Mississauga ward map can help you find the ward you live in and who your Councillor is.

What City Council does

City Council represents and serves the people of Mississauga. In doing so, Council follows rules set by the Provincial Government called the Municipal Act.
Your ward Councillor represents you in Council and you can contact them with City related problems, ideas or feedback. Councillors also make key decisions related to various aspects of the City, pass by-laws (local laws for Mississauga), create policies, approve budgets and provide programs and services to make citizen’s lives better.

How Council makes decisions

City Council receives requests and recommendations for new by-laws, projects, services or programs from members of Council and from reports submitted by advisory committees, City staff or citizens who speak at Council meetings during a deputation or public question period. When a request is received, Council will discuss it and make a decision or ask for more information.


The Mayor and City Councillors are members of various committees that are formed to get feedback from the public on important issues. Recommendations made by committees are presented to City Council to discuss and take a decision.
Some committees have citizens as members. Citizen members on committees have the same four-year term as the Mayor and Councillors. If you live in Mississauga you can apply to join an advisory committee as a citizen member and get involved with the City


City Council discusses and debates recommendations and reports received from the committees. Council may also ask City staff to provide more information and submit a report. At the end of this process, Council will make a recommendation.

By-laws and policies

Once Council has made a decision about a request, they finalize their decision as either a by-law or a corporate policy.
By-laws are laws that apply only in Mississauga and govern things like animal control, litter, noise, parking, trees and much more. View a list of the current City by-laws.

Councillor Martin Reid Committees 2022 - 2026

Standing committees

Standing committees facilitate the decision making process for Council. They are comprised of Council members who participate in discussions and send their recommendations to Council for final decisions.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is a standing committee made up of the Mayor and all members of Council to discuss, decide and recommend the City budget.

General Committee

General Committee discusses matters presented from all corporate departments and the advisory committees of Council, with the exception of planning matters.
Recommendations made by General Committee are forwarded to Council for adoption.

Planning and Development Committee

The Planning and Development Committee gives an opportunity for the public to express their views on planning-related policies and development applications. It makes recommendations to Council about planning policies, by-laws and development applications.

Advisory committees

Advisory committees make recommendations related to specific topics and/or areas of interest. Most advisory committees have Council members and citizen representatives. The recommendations of an advisory committee are considered by the General Committee and then sent to City Council for final decisions.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee reviews municipal policies, programs and services to make the City more accessible to all citizens. It gives advice and suggests actions to help support the City’s accessibility goals.

Local Boards and Commissions with Council Representation

Council appoints representatives of Council, and in certain cases, interested citizens

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