Authentic Pilates for people of all ages.

Authentic Pilates for people of all ages.

Authentic Pilates for people of all ages. Authentic Pilates for people of all ages. Authentic Pilates for people of all ages.

Move. Restore. Perform. Repair.

The Reid Method


Pilates Coach

Motivation Coach

Motivation Coach

A total body workout

In Pilates, the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions.  You can improve your posture, lose weight, and get stronger!. Learning about your powerhouse can help you perform better whether you are a desk warrior or an elite athlete.  Joseph Pilates designed Contrology for both men and women.


Motivation Coach

Motivation Coach

Motivation Coach

A renewing emotional workout for your mental fitness.


Pilates to Personal Training 

Pilates for Men 

Pilates for Athletes. 

Spanning from information filled workout workshops to inspiring messages to empower your team,  My team can help your group maximize their potential.   


About Us


Pilates for Everybody

Martin is a Husband and Father who started in the fitness industry in 2002 after finishing playing football for the University of Waterloo and starting a career in the social services.  It was during that time as a social worker that he realized the difference that he was making helping people feel good through fitness.  He left the social services to start a personal training business called Personal Victory in 2002.  Since then, Martin has worked in big box gyms and boutique spaces as a fitness professional.  In 2008 Martin completed his first Pilates mat certification and has continued to pursue mastering this craft.  He completed a comprehensive Pilates certification with Peak Pilates in 2014 and in 2019 completed an apprenticeship at Lili Viola Pilates instructed by Chris Robinson.  Chris's instruction inspired Martin to continue to learn more of the system Joseph Pilates originally called Contrology. Recognizing that Mr. Pilates originally designed the system for men, Martin has made it his mission to introduce men to Pilates.  With an emphasis on introducing athletes to Pilates, and an overarching belief that everyone needs Pilates in their exercise regime, Martin has also made it his goal to connect people of every age, gender and demographic to what Mr Pilates called "The Complete Exercise System".   He does his training out of two locations, High Octane Training and Therapy in Mississauga and Heart of Movement Pilates Studio in Oakville, Canada.

Martin is a dynamic Public Speaker and has co-authored a book.  In his spare time, Martin can be seen sitting in a hockey rink, basketball arena, driving his classic car, on a Starbucks date with his wife Alexandra or on TV as a fitness model on Today's Shopping Choice

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Online Private and Group Classes by appointment.

What do I do in a large group class?

I offer Pilates classes in the community as a way to increase awareness of the power of Pilates for fitness and weight loss. This video shows the basic mat repertoire as it was taught in the original order.  I put verbal cues so you can lie down and follow along only needing to look up if you are lost.  

Classes for the masses are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays at South Common Centre in the City of Mississauga.  Please email me for more information.

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Build Athletic Strength with Pilates

Pilates is for everybody and it could be the missing link for you in your athletic endeavors. What can Pilates do for you?


Pilates was created by a man, it was designed for men, give it a try and see why so many men are returning discovering they are taller, stronger, faster and injury free than before.

Run towards the Roar

In this quick story share, I present my main message to leaders and their teams lead from the inside - out by Running Towards the Roar,

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