Affordable housing is a growing concern in our community. Many local renters are trying to find ways to purchase a home and remain in the area they love while allowing their children the ability to stay in their current schools. I support inclusionary zoning initiatives and will ensure infill developments address the housing needs and are compatible with existing neighbourhoods. Striking that balance comes from listening to the residents. I know this is a crucial issue to the community, whether you are a resident wanting to keep the culture of your mature street or you are a young family trying to get into homeownership for the first time.


Prior to attending University, I completed all of my education in Ward 9 public schools. My two children have also attended Ward 9 schools. As a former School Council Chair within our community, I understand the needs of both parents and teachers in finding the balance of programs and materials to keep student engagement. Unfortunately, I have also been a parent who needed to advocate for my child against discrimination. As your Ward 9 City Councillor, these lived experiences will allow me to stand in the gap and work to ensure every child has the opportunity for a positive education experience. We have many underutilized green spaces that can be utilized for inter-school activities. We can access local venues for the arts, such as the Meadowvale Theatre, to engage our children in new experiences. Connecting our Ward 9 schools with the Ward 9 community in more significant ways will provide students unique opportunities while cultivating the fond memories of going to our local schools as I had at Mississauga Christian Academy, Settlers Green, Edenwood and Meadowvale.

Neighbourhood Safety

Currently, we are experiencing an increase in car thefts and home burglaries. The safety of our residents in Ward 9 and surrounding areas has become an important issue that must be addressed. As City Councillor, I will cultivate stronger neighbourhood connections with the help of Safe City resources while increasing neighbourhood watch initiatives. I understand the importance of working collectively with all City Councillors to establish new strategies to combat the current crime we see throughout the Province. I will also use my voice to ensure Ward 9 is represented and that we are employing the best practices for our neighbourhoods.


I believe Movement is Medicine. We are fortunate to live in a community that offers multiple green spaces connected by paved pathways, allowing for safe walking, running, biking, etc. Utilization and equal access to these spaces provide mobility, exercise and community connectivity.
I will increase local partnerships to provide Ward 9 with the ability to set an example as a healthy and active community. I will pour energy into increasing civic engagement to keep our Ward 9 residents of all ages active and thriving. I look forward to supporting multiple Mississauga campaigns like Let’s Move Mississauga and Cities Changing Diabetes.


It is essential to support our local small businesses. As a small business owner, I understand the hardships that the past couple of years have placed on us. Shopping and dining within our community are just two ways we can support our local businesses. Due to the pandemic, many home-based businesses have recently emerged, expanding on the services that Ward 9 offers to the city of Mississauga.
Ward 9 is also home to many non-profit organizations that help people of all ages with employment skills and opportunities. As City Councillor, I will work to amplify these organizations so that they can prosper while connecting our Ward 9 residents to the correct resources.


I am a proud supporter of Mississauga and Peel Region’s Vision Zero Strategies. As a Ward 9 resident who commutes to work via an eBike, road safety is a critical issue. Speed control in school zones and coming to a complete stop at a stop sign are pain points for many residents. Increasing awareness of road safety will ensure our children are safe coming and going to school, and bicycle traffic will be able to coexist with our car-oriented culture. I support and will continue to educate on the importance of projects like the Glen Erin Road Project for its positive impact on bicycle traffic safety and overall positive environmental implications. I am also a proponent of accessibility for all residents who rely on public transportation.

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