Meet Councillor Martin Reid

Martin Reid was elected to Council in the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel on October 24, 2022. A lifelong resident of Meadowvale, Martin has a history of community involvement in Ward 9.

In 1977, Martin’s parents moved to Meadowvale to raise their family. Growing up in the area, he attended local public schools; Settler’s Green Public School, Edenwood Middle School and Meadowvale Secondary School. Martin graduated from Waterloo University with a degree in Social Work and later received his Masters of Divinity in Marriage and Family Counselling from Tyndale University.

Martin worked for the Toronto Salvation Army as a Frontline Worker and later became the Housing Coordinator for The Dam in Meadowvale before beginning his Wellness business. Social Services and community building has always been Martin’s focus, especially in the Ward 9 community where he lives and works.

In 2020, Martin was selected as one of the twelve members of Mayor Crombie’s Black Caucus. Over the past two years, The Black Caucus has been advising the City of Mississauga on diminishing systemic barriers to promote greater well-being within Black communities and throughout the city. During this time, Martin recognized the importance of representation to make the changes needed to better the community.

“I approached the retiring Councillor Pat Saito to prepare me for this position. Pat has been a patient mentor who has taught me the value of taking swift action: the enjoyment of supporting the residents, the importance of amplifying the non-profit institutions’ visions within the community, and the ongoing need for connecting neighbours to one another. Support, Amplify and Connect has become my mission for the Ward 9 City Councillor role.”

Martin has been married to his wife, Alexandra since 2017 and is the proud father of two sons and two step-children.  

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